Yoga & Dance


Budokon with Alison Hardy

We will be learning the primary series focusing on sections 1 (awakening),4 (unification) and 5 (balance) playing with our floating and balances! Focus will be on floating frog, warriors bridge and handstand. So come on in and play with your edge! See you in class!


Dance Yogi Dance with Meredith Calderas

Dance Yogi Dance incorporates yoga asanas and dance into a creative new way to flow, build strength and ignite your inner flame. We heat the body with choreographed warm ups to music targeted to stretch and strengthen specific areas of the body. We then focus on a choreographed combo, a student request, or a routine rehearsed throughout the month to share with the community! Everyone is welcome and no prior dance or yoga experience is required. 

Alignment Yoga with Kelly Smiley

This class breaks down the fundamentals of the yoga asanas (postures) and the basics of pranayama (breath work). We provide detailed instruction and individual assistance to create strong poses & healthy alignment, so you may build a solid foundation for a strong practice.   

Beach Yoga

Saturdays 9:30am-10:30am

Summer Only
Start your weekend on the beach in front of Mourelato's Lakeshore Resort, breathing in the fresh air, feeling the warm sun on your skin, listening to the lapping waves of the lake and waking up your body with the healing movement of yoga. All levels welcome. Mourelato's guests attend for free!



Alison Hardy

Meredith Calderas

Kelly Smiley

Meredith Calderas