Youth Scholarship Opportunities

Open January 1 - July 1

Tahoe Flow Arts Studio's Youth Program provides unparalleled performance art training in aerial fabric, dance and yoga, with an emphasis on health and wellness.  We have created a sacred space that turns students and teachers into one big family. Performance training is tough and rigorous, but participants are evoked into self-confidence through these three benefits of training with us: 


Community Perspective

Living in the heart of a mountain town we acknowledge the importance of a tribe.  In our tribe, everyone is expected to look out for one another and do their part.  No one gets left behind, or tangled up in the fabrics.  Knowing our students’ capability, we encourage them to push past their fear and believe in their abilities. Our teaching creates holistic and fun learning and makes well rounded individuals that care for themselves and others. 


Emotional Intelligence

We are guided by the internal journey of self and its many phases. Our intent is to hold space for the younger generation to openly honor themselves and feel free through self-expression. As performers we are free to discover our personal depths and express them confidently.


Lateral Thinking

Future aerialists are encouraged to grow into their individuality.  Firstly, they need discipline in tricks and technique, but they also need to divert what they learn into their own personality.  Developing an upside down perspective stimulates imagination and play.  Both of which are important to incorporate into our everyday lives for happiness, health, and success.  



Scholarship Opportunities

Each year Tahoe Flow Arts Studio will issue out scholarship funds to students, between the ages of 8-17, of monetary need.

  • Applicants must provide an essay - no more then 1000 words - describing why they deserve this scholarship

  • Applicants must submit one creative piece in conjunction to their essay to further describe why they deserve this scholarship (ex: video, poem, drawing, etc.)

  • Applicants must provide a cover letter including name, age, and mailing address

  • Applicants must provide 1-2 letters of recommendation

  • Applicants must have a C average or higher to apply

  • Parents of applicants are required to provide proof of income (ex. Tax return, W2)

  • Recipients are required to commit to the entire program awarded

  • Scholarships may vary depending on funds raised and multiple eligibility

  • Applications must be sent in full by June 15, 2018

  • Results will be issued by mail no later than August 3, 2018


Send applications in full to
or by mail to PO Box 459 Tahoe Vista, CA 96148