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Aerial, Hula Hoop, Dance and Fire

Growing up in Las Vegas, Kelly has been surrounded by performance art her entire life.  Inspired by a variety of world-class shows, which filtered through her hometown, the lure of the circus was never far.  At a young age, Kelly was exposed to multiple forms of performance art.  Whether it be dance, gymnastics, theater, or as a high school short flags specialist, the natural progression to become a flow arts performer was seamless.  Acknowledging the similarities in movement and design, Kelly was able to continue expanding upon fundamental skills that she has been mastering for most of her life.  Whether it is spinning poi, hula hooping, aerial fabrics, or her long time love of snowboarding, Kelly continues to connect the dots between her mind and body.Now, the proud owner of Tahoe Flow Arts Studio, Kelly has created the opportunity to share her passions with others.  Equipped with a comfortable space for artistic expression and the mantra 'Play, Dance, Yoga', you can be sure that Kelly knows how to have fun.

Leah Pivirotto

Dance, Aerial, Hula Hoop, and Fire

Leah Pivirotto is an instinctual movement explorer, educator, and performer. Perpetually stimulated by embodied experiences, she is a devoted dancer and a budding aerialist.  Her infinite motivation shines in her somatic awareness and unconventional persistence to illumination. She makes collaborative, and solo works for an awakening elevation.  By letting nature be her teacher, Leah lives in the mountains of Northern California and is a member of  The Tahoe Flow Artists and The Groove Kin out of the Tahoe Flow Arts Studio.

Alison Hardy


Alison Hardy was born and raised on the shores of North Lake Tahoe. She has a love for the outdoors and has based her life around becoming one with her surroundings. In her younger years she was a competitive snowboarder traveling the world from New Zealand to Alaska and enjoying some tropical scenery in places like Costa Rica. In 2012 she became an avid CrossFitter finding the importance of full body strength and a good diet. Soon after, she started yoga to help keep her body strong and flexible which led her to the doors of Tahoe Flow Arts. In 2014 she started Aerial Fabrics and fell in love.

She is now part of the performance team at Tahoe Flow Arts and has her 200hr Teacher Training and Budokon certification. Becoming an aerialist has been exciting and exhilarating. She enjoys the determination it takes and the sound mind it creates as she learns to express herself through movement while smiling and pointing her toes!

Laura Green & Mickey Clark

AcroYoga, Acrobatic, Hand Balance  

Laura Green & Mickey Clark are a dynamic acrobatic duo, who have shared a partnership for almost 10 years. Actively practicing and teaching Acro Yoga since 2009, they love to share, connect and play with people of all ages, backgrounds, and sizes! Trusting the balance of nature, they incorporate compassionate communication, partner acrobatics, core strength, conditioning, hand balancing, thai massage therapeutics, trust, safety, and the value of dynamic movement into an open community setting. Finding balance in giving and receiving, and offering step by step calibrations, Mickey and Laura will create a fun and safe environment for everyone to easily attain each pose and sequence into all of there classes and workshops. 

Laura, a nationally competitive gymnast for 15 years in her upbringing, currently teaches various styles of Yoga in the Lake Tahoe & Truckee community. Acro Yoga being her favorite form of connection, she shares her passion with encouragement, strength, and delicacy. Every ~body~ is unique in its own beauty and so she adjusts the practice of acrobatics so students of all backgrounds can feel empowered in their own skin. She embodies the beauty of trust through her life long practice of slacklining, aerials, acrobatics, performance arts, Sierra Nevada outdoor rock climbing, table and Thai massage, and offering whole-hearted love for everyone she meets. 

Mickey, her trusted sidekick, joins the fun of Laura's teaching style with his friendly demenor and complete understanding for compassionate communication. He truly helps balance Laura's everlasting excitement for dreaming with his deep roots into nature as an artist. Continuously practicing this art and balance of giving and receiving, Laura and Mickey are thrilled to share their practice with groups and individuals in the surrounding community. They are open for performing, teaching workshops and donation-based hosting jam sessions for Acro Yoga, Slacklining, Partner Thai Massage Therapeutics, Hand Balancing and Acrobatic Performance Arts.

Alicia Streetman


With experience and training in a wide range of apparatuses including corde lisse, aerial spansets, silks, lyra, and more; Alicia loves to bring individuality and variety to any stage. Her passion and dedication to the art of aerial performance shines through in each act she shares with the audience. 

Meredith "Merekat" Calderas
Aerial and Dance

Meredith "Merekat" Calderas' mission is to spread inspiration and laughter through teaching and performing aerial arts, dance and yoga. Growing up, dance was her form of self expression, communication and discipline. Merekat continued dancing through college until an injury set her back. After dislocating her knee cap, she found yoga for rehabilitation. The strength, flexibility, balance and breath that yoga has given her on the mat and off that mat, she has incorporated into teaching dance and aerial arts. After graduating from Yoga Teacher Training with Shaelah Morris in 2014 and training in aerial fabrics with Kelly Smiley, she is now living her dream of teaching and performing, and is blending together her love for yoga, aerial arts, dance, and photography as she continues to share with her community.






Anytime Abi is an all around athlete and adventurer. She grew up swimming and surfing in the ocean. She then moved to the mountains to accelerate her desire for extreme speed with snowboarding. Snowboarding and living the Tahoe lifestyle for 15 years has given her a strong sense of courage and strength. While traveling on the beach in Thailand she found and fell in love with the aerial hoop. Then coming home to help Kelly Smiley open Tahoe Flow Arts Studio she has blossomed her passion for teaching the Lyra. Implementing cross training in yoga, aerial fabrics, trapeze, dance, swimming and climbing into her daily routine helps keep her strong and agile. Abi feels as if the world of performance art has just begun to cultivate within her. She truly understands that personal awareness of the body involves dedication, commitment, and motivation each and every day, and strives to learn more and more about this beautiful world of expression! 

Erica Montgomery



Over the years Erica has been drawn to many different athletic pursuits and movement arts. By early high school she was a varsity swimmer, diver, cheerleader and water polo player, and was named female athlete of the year in her senior year. In college she joined the USC snowboard team, took dance and yoga classes on the side, and developed a secret but sincere obsession with circus arts. Fearing that she was too old for circus school, she moved to Tahoe after graduation and spent the next 7 years traveling the country competing in snowboarding halfpipe. Oddly, a feeling lingered that something was missing. That changed the day she heard that the Tahoe Flow Arts studio had opened! Erica showed up the first week of classes and absolutely fell in love with aerials and the wonderful community there. She knew instantly that she had finally found what she had been looking for in a physical art...the perfect combination of strength, flexibility, artistry, thrill and grace. Erica began performing aerial fabrics in 2014, exactly one year to the day after her first class. When preforming in the air, she finally feels like she is exactly where she needs to be.


Renee Guay

Aerial, Dance and AcroYoga

Performance art is a new passion that Renee holds sacred.  Her background as a mountain guide, rock-climbing instructor, and aspiring yogi has built her foundation of confidence, strength, and grace.  She has a deep connection to music that inspires creative movement with styles including hip-hop, break dancing, ecstatic, yoga infused, and aerial arts.  Expressive movement fueled by electrifying music uplifts her spirit and motivates her to collaborate with other artists.  She strives to bring joy to others whether in the club, at a festival, or on the streets.

Julia Brown

Aerial and Dance

Julia danced in her mother's womb and has been dancing ever since. In middle and high school, she attended Vancouver School of Arts and Academics in Washington. Her training focused primarily on modern dance in addition to jazzlyrical and ballet. She was taught to see modern dance as an expression of rebellion from the oppressive norms of the world and to not focus on traditional technique, but to explore the freedom of movement. This unique environment inspired her to not take life too seriously, dance, laughplay and embrace the super weird! Working as a Massage Therapist for over 10 years continued her education of the mind, body connection. While also reinforcing the healing power of movement. Her love for the mountains and snowboarding brought her to Lake Tahoe in 2010. It was here she developed a deep appreciation for nature while falling in love with the majestic Sierra Nevada and the world around her. However, one thing was missing from her life, an artistic playground. Fortunately she discovered one Tahoe Flow Arts Studio in 2016. She now trains and performs Aerial SilksLyra, and Dance. Her dance background is the language she uses in her performance art to inspire others and embrace her true oneness with the universe. She believes movement is a meditation and the process of training and creating art is a therapy. Having the opportunity to share that with the world makes her feel whole.