Project Earth Ambassadors is a community based, environmentally conscious group, who operate collectively with Tahoe Flow Artists and No Plastic Tahoe.  Our mission is to spread awareness and education regarding the minimization of waste. With a focus on the elimination of single-use plastics, we encourage clean water practices by inspiring community engagement through performance art in the Truckee-Tahoe community.  As a uniting entity, we also bring local businesses together to promote our shared ideals for sustaining the ecology and beauty of our environment.

No Plastic Tahoe is dedicated to reducing and eventually eliminating the distribution of single use plastics in the Tahoe Basin, our objective is to provide a link between local businesses and all available resources to offer sustainable solutions to the plastic problem. Our non-profit projects include initiatives such as installing free water filling stations and offering affordable reusable drinking and food containers.

We raised over $2,000 at our sold out show for our annual Holiday Bazaar fundraiser on December 9th at the Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema!

Thank you to our community for being part of this cause!

Project Earth Ambassadors an initiative aimed at eliminating single use plastic distribution in the Lake Tahoe Basin. It is our passion, and our goal, to educate our own community of the dangers to our planet posed by single use plastics.

Today, the damage these plastics are causing is widespread, and threatens our oceans, our wildlife, and even our own bodies.


And though the dangers our world faces now are great, the challenges that face our children and our future are far greater, and we recognize that without leadership, they will be faced with challenges far greater than we are facing now.  This is why we are impassioned to act.

As many of you know, we operate on the North Shore, and our purpose has been to promote the advancement of performance arts through education and training.  We are proud to offer a diverse spectrum of artistic mediums to our community.  We have worked hard the last five years to establish a supportive space where people can gather and explore the possibilities of our bodies and our minds.


By 2050, there will be more plastic matter in the ocean than there are fish. We can no longer ignore that we are all part of this problem, and we believe it is time to choose to be part of the solution. We are here on behalf of ourselves, and our planet to encourage you to join us in our efforts to start making small changes locally.

As you know, living in Tahoe means living in nature, and the daily inspiration we all draw from our home is sacred, and we need to protect it.  It is only natural that we lead the fight to keep our community aware and our lands clean and cared for.


So I am asking you, as members of our community, to help us.


We have an opportunity to act on behalf of our planet to spark positive change on a local level.  It is our turn to be leaders, and to work together and get rid of single use plastics in the Lake Tahoe basin.


So, how can you help?

There are a few objectives that we are working towards now, that you can support today. We have designed metal cups with the ‘No Plastic Tahoe’ label with the proceeds going directly to the production of more cups, as well as water bottles, and sustainable eating kits, which we are designing, containing eating utensils, coffee cups and straws, and metal packaging that can be used to carry your lunch to work, or to send your kids off to school with, both providing a sustainable alternative to styrofoam and plastic containers commonly used to package food.  Our hope is that by seeing others using these products, it will raise awareness, and get others involved.


We are proposing water filling stations, throughout the community at local businesses and public locations where you can fill your metal water bottles for free with filtered water, ensuring high-quality drinking water for everyone. 


So, if you are a business owner, and would like to have a filling station at your location, we can help you set it up!


We are also reaching out to anyone who may be willing to donate their time or skills to help us be a more productive entity.  Some specific skills we could use your help with would be in the fields of web design, legal consultation, and community organizing.  So, if you, or anyone you know would be interested in helping us, please contact us and become part of the team.


This change is not as far out of reach as you may think.  There are already many businesses here who are ready to help.  We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who we have reached out to, and even today, we have the cooperation and support of Alibi Ale Works, and The Tahoe Art Haus, who have both embraced and supported our initiative by using our metal cups instead of plastic.


We are a small community here in Tahoe, but we are a strong one. 

Please consider this initiative as an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to each other and to our planet.