Donate to the Performing Arts

Tahoe Flow Arts Studio is a for-profit organization that cultivates an energized focus, an honor for natural beauty, and perpetual motivation for professional training in the performing arts; distinguished by the illumination of the sacred and supportive space.


It is our goal to hold a sanctified space full of acceptance and compassion and to inspire people to get in touch with their emotions and true self; unlocking their hearts to the endless possibilities of this life.  

2019 Goals

What are we asking donations for?

1. Performing Arts Education

  • Youth programs

  • Specialty workshops

  • Studio renovations

We believe strongly in our ability to transform our lake front studio into a professional training facility that focuses on the love and compassion of creativity and the health and wellness of our minds and bodies.  Having a school in Tahoe would support our local community, and give the circus world a new spin on performance.


2. Community Entertainment

  • Development – stages, lights, sound, equipment, costumes

  • Productions – the artistic team

Tahoe Flow Artists and local musicians are collaborating to create an original production called “Mountains are Pretty”.  The performers plan to use the winter to create a presentation, installation, and mixed media that mirror the human condition and signifies social change.  This dark and twisted, but morally correct play will be presented around local venues and festivals.