Daily Activity Descriptions



Day 1

YOGA: Strength & Flexibility

In this class we will walk you through a juicy sequence to open up your hips and release your hamstrings safely and successfully. Complimenting active stretching with core and arm conditioning, you will create energy and expression in the body and mind while igniting the fire within. 


  • Opening up hips to relieve tension and stress for more free expression in the air

  • Creating more focus and balance in your practice

  • Peak Pose: Arm balance(s) conquering fear on the ground before taking flight

Aerial Fabrics: Gettin' Knotty

In this class students will learn skills in an aerial fabric tied into a knot.  Gettin' Knotty provides a fixed support system in the fabrics so students can get familiar with being upside down and able to maneuver below, inside and above the knot. Finding security, trust and body awareness through a fun and simple sequence, you will leave this class with a new sense of satisfaction.

Hula Hoop: The Evolving Spiral

In this class we will work on basic on body skills and conditioning to engage and isolate specific muscle groups so you can successfully connect with your hoop. We will also learn a series off body tricks so you can gain a better understanding of exploration with your hoop by creating flow from one trick to another. Together we will evolve and grow using the Hula Hoop as a symbol of trust to embrace the constant change around and within us.


  • Promotes healthy living, confidence and creativity 

Day 2

Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure on Lake Tahoe

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (or SUP) is an emerging global sport whose roots run deep in Hawaiian history. The sport is an ancient form of surfing that originated in the Hawaiian Islands. Fast forward to the present and SUP is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. On the calm and clear waters of Lake Tahoe, we will guide you across the largest alpine lake in North America to a pristine beach for yoga, lunch and sun bathing.

YOGA: Breathe & Align

In this class we will focus on three components to proper alignment that work together to form a balanced and well-aligned yoga and aerial practice.  Proper alignment involves more than proper body position.  In this class we will work with balancing our breath, attitude and body alignment through each posture to create a more stable and centered being.  By aligning the breath with your movements we create the foundation for your yoga and aerial practice. By aligning our attitudes we learn to give our bodies permission to move forward rather than commanding it to perform, there is no room for competition or self-judgment in your yoga practice.  By aligning the body we will increase stability, centeredness and reduce risk of injury.


  • Moving deeper into your poses and stabilizing it on the mat and in the air

  • Being able to sustain in the air longer

  • Helps harmonize spinning and roll down movements in the fabrics

  • Enlivens and vitalizes the system- taking in the whole experience with the breath

  • Prevents Injury


Aerial Fabrics: All Wrapped up

Exercise the mind with this dynamic sequence telling a. story from all perspectives.  Build a well rounded understanding of maneuvering your body in and out of the apparatus by asking "how" and "why" this works.

You will come out of class knowing one of the most popular sequences created by Rebekah Leach in aerial fabrics.


Dance: Twerkasana

This high energy yoga and hip hop fused dance class takes the inner journey to a new level with self expression, laughter and booty shaking goodness! Flowing through yoga poses to the beat of the music and our hearts, we'll transition into a simple and fun choreographed hip hop routine that will have you dancing all night long!



Day 3

YOGA: Self Care

In this class we will be focusing on the therapeutics of yoga to keep the body and mind healthy and strong.  You will learn how to give yourself a massage to break up stuck fascia and get your body in a relaxed state to rejuvenate the body and the mind to further expand in your practice.


  • Grounds the mind and body which brings true presence into every move

  • Helps release muscle tension and opens up fascia

  • Calms the mind

  • Restores the body

  • Creates a more focused state

  • Injury prevention


Aerial Fabrics: To the Moon!

In this class we will be focusing on basic climbs and foot locks wrapping yourself into a "crescent moon." This beautiful single foot lock sequence is one you can build on with fluidity and grace and is sure to be in your future routine ;). With time to explore and play with everything you've learned, your wings will carry you to new heights. 

Closing Beach Party!

On the shores of North Lake Tahoe, we bring the playground to you with our 18 foot aerial rig, hula hoops, SUP, water toys, music and more! With the perfect backdrop for photos and a few surprises up our sleeves, this party might never end!