Aerial Arts
Ages 13+

Aerial Fabric Basics  


Have you seen an aerial arts performance and thought to yourself, “I would love to try that!”  Well this is the class for you! Intro to Aerial Fabric is for the first timer who has either never been to an aerial class or has only done it once or twice. This course is designed to build from the ground up.  Starting with the fundamentals of aerial fabric you will learn the basics of simple foot locks, climbs and terminology.  As the newcomer progresses she/he will learn simple poses and tricks, eventually putting these building blocks together.​

Please bring a yoga mat to class.


Weekly Concentrations:

Week 1: Single Foot Lock, Double Fabric Progression
Week 2: Single Foot Lock, Single Fabric Progression
Week 3: Hip Key and Climbing
Week 4: Aerial Sling and Double Foot Lock Progression
* Must successfully accomplish these disciplines and get signed off by instructor before moving on to Level 1.

​Intermediate Aerial Fabrics Tricks & Technique*

This class is designed for all students that have successfully completed all the basic concentrations in the introduction aerial classes (single foot lock, double foot locks, traditional climb, Russian climb, hip key, cross back straddle, and straddles off knot). Once you have laid out the groundwork to progress safely with your love for aerials, you are ready for this Aerial Fabric class. This class will focus on technique to understanding the fundamental movements and alignment to completing new tricks.  Tricks are what make up the choreography of performances and can range from very simple movements to complex drops, spins, and falls.  With the focus of practice makes perfect we will build up strength, flexibility, mindset and drill the trick or maneuver until we can all safely and successfully complete it with smooth and fluid movements.

Advanced Aerial Fabric* by private lesson only

By this point you should be able to confidently execute your moves anywhere on the fabric.  Working towards an eventual seamless transition form pose to pose while incorporating your individual expression is a main goal of this class. Bigger drops, higher strength moves and personal choreography are all emphasized as well. This is a course for the highly disciplined and committed student.

Aerial Hoop Basics

The aerial hoop AKA lyra is a circular steel apparatus suspended from the ceiling. The term lyra is an abbreviation of the original way the aerial hoop was advertised in the 1890’s, as a “lyric hoop.” The word lyric is a synonym of lyrical. It means that the object is being used to express one’s emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way. The purpose of this class is to give you the fundamental tools to express freely.

Youth Aerial Fabrics**

Students start with the fundamentals of aerial fabrics as they learn the basics of foot locks, climbs, and terminology and build strength and flexibility. Through education and inspiration, your child will progress into choreography and performance with Tahoe Flow Arts Studio.

Open Studio Play*


Open Studio Play is 2 hours of open studio time for students to practice what they have learned in previous classes.  This time is NOT for learning new tricks or teaching others.  Open studio is for students who have attended at least 5 classes. Entry-level students need to master certain skills before attending open aerials.

* Pre-requisites Required

**Contact Studio for More Information




Aerial Fabrics Class

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Youth Aerial Fabrics